Buyer Beware - Home Furniture LLC has multiple complaints

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Home Furniture LLC, does business at 8201 Rowlock Way, ste 110, Raleigh, NC 27613.They operate as appointment only, and attract customers using Craigslist.

Please review the 9 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau (mine will be complaint #10). This business was also the subject of a Troubleshooter investigation by WTVD News on January 10, 2011. You can see the report at this link:

This business operates as cash upfront, and refuses refunds for ANY REASON.

Please review complaints before deciding to do business with this place.Then at least you will go into the transaction forewarned about potential problems.

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Home Furniture LLC also does business in Florida, their "business" practice is the same. I am on an extremely tight budget and now out almost $1000 and no furniture to show for it (I actually sold jewelry to get the money.) They are stating they are not related to this NC business, but their business card states otherwise.

I plan on contacting every local news agency, the BBB, consumer affairs, attorney general and the local sherrif's department because this is a criminal scam.

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